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A New Kind of Influencer Network

The old influencer model is dying - fast. We want to create a new network in 2017 that connects brands to influencers with passion and knowledge being the cornerstone of the relationship.

If you're an influencer who is really passionate about something and want to connect with brands in that area, sign up. If you're a brand who believes that working with people who believe in your message is important, get in touch.

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Numbers Aren’t Everything. Passion Is.

Influencer networks have focused on numbers and following but in a world where that can easily be bought, we focus on something unique: passion and knowledge.

In the old model, influencer networks focused on creating a list of people who were connected with brands and chosen to work on campaigns who weren’t really a great fit for the message but that had numbers. Those influencers would sometimes do the bare minimum – pushing out a less than stellar blog post and a few Tweets – just to get the payout.

While we believe in paying influencers well, we also want the brand to experience the most impact and we don’t believe the two need to live in different worlds.

A Harmonic Marriage of Brand Goodness with Influencer Passion

Gone are the days of working with anyone who has a following (remember, that can easily be purchased.) People are tuning those influencers out and paying attention to a different kind of voice.

Think of the last product you bought. Why did you buy it and who told you about it? Chances are, it wasn't some fancy schmancy blogger on the Internet or that new rising Instagram star but rather someone you trust - a friend perhaps.

These are the people who hold the most influence in our world today. The people that are cutting through the noise to create impact.

A lot of marketers, and people who work with influencers, focus on the numbers because they need something to share with their higher ups to illustrate ROI. We understand this and we can prove that numbers are only part of the game.

Passion for the subject, as well as intimate, first-hand knowledge of the industry, products, etc., have way more impact and it’s generally much longer lasting.

Why We're Different


Coffee Aficionados


Bass Fishermen


Decor & DIYers


Makers & Tinkerers

Brands: Are You Ready to Connect with Perfectly Passionate Influencers?

Let's Create a Partnership with Heart

Our network is comprised of individuals who have an online presence AND who are extremely passionate about a topic. For example, if you’re looking for someone who REALLY loves coffee to share your new coffee product, we can hook you up. If you want someone who loves bass fishing, we’ve got someone who knows the water incredibly well.

We don't want to simply get you a blog post and a few Tweets that are carelessly created and never talked about again... we want to create long-lasting impact from the voices that matter most in your world.

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